Q13. How to broadcast Facebook to Novo-series device(s).

Supported models: NovoConnect NC-X700, NC-X900, NovoDisplay, NovoTouch

NovoDS version: NovoDS V4.0.0 and above.

Step1. Use DS Studio software or NovoDS.com, create a playlist.

Step2. Go to Social Media widget > Facebook > Facebook Access Id > Get Access ID

Step3. Pop up a Facebook page, please follow Facebook access instruction to get your Facebook Access ID.

Step4. Copy and paste your Facebook access ID on the Facebook Access ID box.

Step5. Once published the playlist you will see your Facebook picture, videos or text content update.

How to remove your Facebook account from Novo-series Device

Please note that once removed the Facebook Access ID, Facebook will be disconnected with your Novo device(s).

Step1. Go back to get Facebook Access ID via DS Studio or NovoDS.com then delete your access ID.